Introducing our Manege

20m x 40m Sand and Rubber.  Floodlights for the dark winter nights and a Seating Area which is also perfect for someone to be videoing you.  Jumps and working equitation obstacles also available.

Wash Off Area

Separate area if you wish to wash your horse down after Training/Saddle Fitting

Ample Parking

Its no secret that some have a ‘reversing a trailer or lorry’ phobia!
Forget that, we have ample room for turning lorries and trailers so it is no problem at all.

When visiting

Make life easier on your visit’s by using one of our Stables for your horse rather than standing on the lorry or trailer. And why not after your session take your horse to the Wash Off Area for a freshen up before the journey home.

Saddle Fitting

You are welcome to use the facilities when attending for a saddle fitting appointment.  We can also have various saddles available for you to try if you are looking for new or second hand.

Collection Point

If you have ordered any items from our online shop you can collect them on your visit.

Our Amazing Saddles!

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