“Fantastic, nothing was too much trouble time taken to fully assess each horse and wow the Sam Jamieson Saddles are just divine for both horse and rider. Thank you.”  – S Eldred, Cambridgeshire.

“Thank you so much for your time. I had a terrific session. I learned a great deal, not just about the fit of my saddle but also about my riding! Terrific! I will certainly be considering one of your saddles in the future.” – Diane Gray, Lincolnshire

“I’ve had Sam as a saddle fitter for the last year, she does an amazing job with all my horses, I’ve now starting to have dressage lessons with her. Within just 2 lessons myself and my horse are improving with each ride.

If anyone is looking for a saddle fitter or trainer, Sam would be the best choice !! I highly recommend her!!” – J Mitchell, Lincolnshire.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sam when she came out at the weekend to check our cobs saddle. It is one of Sams own made to measure saddles. As usual she was very thorough and it is always a very relaxing experience for us and the horse. Would not go anywhere else for this service now.” – J Illic, Cambridgeshire.

“Not only is Sam fantastically patient with the horse, she is helpful with the owner, explaining everything she is observing and giving advice and helpful tips on her findings.

I learnt more today than I ever have from a book. With a few minor adjustments to the saddle, and a ride to view the saddles and my position.  There was no hard sell, just honest advice and great service.  HIGHLY recommended.” – Donna Harvey, Cambridgeshire.

“Certainly getting my money’s worth! Really enjoying working with someone who explains why certain exercises are helpful. Have gained such a lot of knowledge already and come away each week with exercises to focus on to improve my horse and my riding. Thank you, Sam” – Karen Barker, Lincolnshire.

“When I first went to Sam’s for lessons I thought i was a good rider and rode correctly. How wrong was I. Sam has taught me how to ride correctly and how to use my legs. Its made such a difference to how my horses work and go. I never enjoyed training my horses it always seemed to be a battle with them but now with Sam’s training and help they are a pleasure to work and the battles have stopped.

My horses and I now compete in dressage competitions and we thoroughly enjoy it. So thank you Sam for showing me flat work is fun and we can do it.” – S Collins, Cambridgeshire.

We’re very lucky to have a qualified Enlightened Equitation Instructor in our region. Sam has helped us begin to tackle positional faults that have gone uncorrected for years.

She has taught us EE techniques for giving leg aids and sitting to the trot, and her teaching has built our confidence and enabled us to try things that we would not have wanted to try in our previous group lessons. Sam is very sympathetic and knowledgable, a rare combination in our experience.

We recommend Sam to any riders in East Anglia who are looking for effective teaching techniques. – D Rainford & J Bishop, Cambridgeshire.

“I have been using Sam for over a year now for flatwork training. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a person who really knows what she’s talking about. The difference in my horse, my riding and my confidence is phenomenal. She’s always on time, always cheerful and always gives 100%.

From her literally having to walk around the arena due to my crippling nerves to taking my horse out to massive shows on my own this year the progress speaks for itself. But the most important thing for me? She is clear on one very important thing. The horse comes first. Always.” – J Brown, Cambridgeshire.

“She has a wealth of experience and knowledge about horses and riding and it shows in so many ways, not least of which are her brilliant observational skills:  Sam can spot tiny movements of horse and rider (e.g. during a lesson, she saw my horse pull me forward momentarily, causing me to lose stability, and quickly helped me to correct it- it was such a small movement, I could barley detect it later on when I watched the video I had made!).

Sam gives constant feedback right through the lesson and isn’t afraid to ‘tell it how it is’. She will describe what to do in easy-to-understand terms and her suggestions always work! She is really good at interpreting your horse’s behaviour and way of going and has helped me to understand and get to know my own horse better. Lately, she has also helped me increase my understanding of saddle fitting issues.

Sam is patient, supportive and positive and makes you feel at ease, which is the best way to learn. I could go on- she is just great!”
Helen, Lincoln

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