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Made especially for you and your horse or pony.  Cobs, natives, wide fitting and flat backed a speciality but our saddles being bespoke are for all shapes and sizes including iberians, arabs, warmbloods, thoroughbreds and cross breeds ranging from medium to xxxwide.

Customised saddles available for adults and children up to 18″.  If you are an adult on a small pony or a horse with a short back we can give you a smaller saddle yet have larger saddle flaps just for you.

Sam Jamieson Saddles in Action!

Not only will your saddle be stunning and high quality from the outside, internally it is just as important to be correct, to to be able to select the correct tree for your horse when starting to make your saddle.  Not everyone knows that one of the tree manufacturers in the UK makes 250 types of tree, there are other tree manufacturers too, the options are endless.  Plus selecting the correct saddle panel for you horse is key to correct saddle fit and all this is done when making your saddle.

You can choose different types of leather for your saddle, coloured piping and facing, different leather and colours for the back of the cantle and of course sparkles.  Plus have stirrups, a girth and even bridle to match!

“Very friendly, relaxed consultation with Sam. Took plenty of time to measure both myself and my horse. Very thorough, professional method and positive customer experience. Looking forward to our new bespoke saddle. Definitely recommended.” – Neill

The Sam Jamieson Saddles Collection has been designed and manufactured in conjunction with international market leader’s in British saddle manufacturing.

This excellent collection of saddles has combined 30 years of my experience in the equine industry with over 30 years of our Saddle Makers unrivalled quality, style, finest workmanship, durability and technical manufacturing knowledge. I am passionate in equality of high standards which has been proven by both horse and rider time and time again.

Designed and engineered to give a lifetime of high performance and partnership.  Enhancing you and your horses balance in comfort, stability, support and giving your horse freedom of movement.  I am proud of my products and delight in the achievements of the horses and riders that use them.

“Great service from Sam Jamieson. Extremely professional, knowledgable and friendly service. Spent time with the ponies and nothing was too much trouble. Super quick turnaround for new saddle. Highly recommended by my little girl too.  Thank you very much!” – Alison

More expression and movement. Sam Jamieson Saddles allow free movement of the shoulder allowing for a bigger stride and jump therefore allowing walk, trot and canter extensions to become easier, lateral work more expressive and improvement jumping.

Support where you need it assisting your position. Hip and thigh and soft seat giving further comfort.

Evenly distributed weight is the path to a happy horse, the wide bearing surface on our saddles gives great comfort to your horse allowing him to reach his full potential.

A wide gullet means that the saddle will not impinge on your horse’s spine and the surrounding body tissues; this improves comfort, especially on turns, circles, lateral work including pirouettes boosting performance.

All our saddles are made of high quality materials, and are exceptionally comfortable to ride in with a soft seat.

A key component of our saddles is wool flocking; it is a proven material and unrivalled. The horse benefits immensely. It is adjustable, moulds to your horse, shock absorbing, breathable and allows muscle movement and the flow of circulation.

“Sam is very friendly and the only one that has been able to help sort my saddle… A very lovely lady with a lot of knowledge xX highly recommend by me and Delilah my coblet ” – Chantelle

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