The Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage Saddle

Sam Jamieson Bespoke Saddles – As Individual As You!

  • Hand made in the UK
  • Pure Luxury Leather
  • Beautiful soft calf or soft suede leather option
  • Bespoke made to order
  • Your colour choice -Piping, Facing and Cantle
  • Your Saddle flap choice – Conventional or Fish Tail
  • Your choice of Conventional or Monoflap design.
  • Self Adjusting Girthing
  • Comfort Knee Blocks
  • Beautifully stitched and carefully crafted

Sam Jamieson Saddles

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sam when she came out at the weekend to check our cobs saddle. It is one of Sams own made to measure saddles. As usual she was very thorough and it is always a very relaxing experience for us and the horse. Would not go anywhere else for this service now.” – Julie

Sam Jamieson Bespoke Saddles
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The Same Successful, Proven Design!

Beautifully crafted, balanced design.  Your soft cushion seat covered in quality crafted leather.

Wide panels giving good bearing surface and a wide gullet allowing for your horses spine.

2 front D-rings for attachment of your saddle cloth and a spare if needed.

Picture the scene, you sit into your saddle for that first time, you feel like you are home.  Makes your heart melt as you snuggle into the soft cushion seat.  Giving you piece of mind, confidence and pure luxury!

A really supportive saddle yet not fixing you in a rigid position.  You have a cupped pad over the knee block giving you security in your leg position.

The Saddle with good panel surface.

The Sam Jamieson Classic Dressage Saddle has a wide bearing surface panel yet wide gullet to allow for your horses spine.  Wool flocked panel allowing adjustability and ultimate pressure absorption.  Comes in various sizes to cater for children aswell as adults.

Careful attention to every detail for perfect quality.  Made from the finest leather.  You can choose to have standard , soft calf or buffalo leather.  Leather or serge panels.  Part suede or full suede.  Front and rear facings and Piping all in your choice of colour.

Fish Tail Style Saddle Flap also available.

Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage Saddle

What she started!.

From Sam Jamieson

“The little bay horse to the top left, Fisher, is who started my journey of my own range of saddles with the first Deluxe Dressage Saddle.  I am definitely not a naturally talented rider and I worked tirelessly trying to be the best I could be.  This amazing little horse has such a work ethic and it definitely always felt that she expected you to give 110% too and boy I tried my hardest for both of us, yet with such elevated paces my body was not the most willing, no doubt not helped with my fibromyalgia.  I did not want to be fixed in a position but wanted a saddle that would give me enough support and to sit me correctly plus ensuring in my eyes even more important that it was comfortable for Fish.

And so the research and design began.  Reversed tree points allowing shoulder movement and wide gullet for spinal clearance aswell as adjoining body tissues.  Wide wool flocked panels to enhance Fishers comfort absorbing pressure and any concussion yet allowing her to lift her back into the soft flocking and also giving the ability to adjust the flocking if needed.  Angled knee blocks that didn’t force my legs back that caused me severe stiffness in other saddles, slightly allowing forward leg position.  Soft seat that would also give pelvis support and not to have the stitch line straight under your seatbones.  It was then time for the first saddle to be made1

I was nervous when trying the saddle for the first time but wow, as soon as I sat in it I was home, it felt amazing.  I grinned like a cheshire cat.  Everything became so much easier and my frustrations with myself were eased.  Here was The Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage Saddle.

“I now own my very own Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage Saddle and my horse is going the best she has done in years. Highly recommended.” – Kayliegh


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Your own saddle with personality as individual as you.

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