The Sam Jamieson Girths

Sam Jamieson Bespoke Girths – For your horses comfort!

  • British Made Pure Luxury Leather
  • Bespoke made to order
  • General Purpose or Dressage
  • Anatomically shaped or Straight
  • Rounded edges
  • Super soft for your horses comfort
  • Your colour choice – Black or Brown
  • Beautifully stitched and carefully crafted

Sam Jamieson England

Sam Jamieson Shaped Dressage Girth

Sam Jamieson Anatomical Shaped Dressage Girth

The soft comfort girths!

Sam Jamieson Girths are made from quality leather and buckles.

Beautifully crafted and stitched.  The soft cushion padding moves with your horse giving the feeling of a second skin.

The leather smoothly rolls around the sides of the girth so there are no edges against your horse.

On the dressage girths the pressure absorbing padding disperses the placement of the buckles.

Please note: Postural, vertebrae and rib adjustment can help if your horse is girthy.  One lead or foreleg can be favoured if there is girth pain.

General Purpose Shaped Girth

The General Purpose Girth comes in many sizes and can be made to order.  Comes in Black or Brown.

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Sam Jamieson Bespoke Saddles

Shaped Dressage Girth

The Shaped Dressage Girth comes in many sizes and can be made to order.  Comes in Black or Brown.

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Sam Jamieson Bespoke Saddles

Sam Jamieson Shaped Dressage Girth

Intercostobrachial Nerve

The Most Comfy Feeling.

From Sam Jamieson

“My obsession with girths started many years ago and I invested time to do the best for our horses.  My girth was to be made with high quality leather, mega pressure absorbing padding and have good quality strong elastic both sides that prevented overtightening to avoid the python effect around your horse, plus adding stability that did not allow the saddle to move around and being equal both sides rather than the saddle moving more on one side.  My test was that if pulling at the elastic it was not to stretch more than an inch, as think of it that if you can stretch the elastic two inches or more that is 4 extra inches in girth length as its on both sides, imagine how much saddle movement that would cause, even twisting, horrendous!

The panel of the girth against your horse had to be smooth, supple and I think important to mimic the feeling of your horses muscle being able to synchronise with their movement naturally.  Also just to add the padding also feels great to give a quick squidge if you are feeling a bit stressed yourself! 😉

The edges of the girths had to be smooth so it would not catch or cause friction.  Being a bit of an anatomy geek too there is a specific nerve branch, the intercostobrachial nerve (shown to the left) that I wanted to ensure the girth would be as comfortable as possible for this area.

Then my research carried on further, some horses and ponies that had a funnel shaped barrel (narrow front and widening to the back), or where the girth sat was further forward than others causing the girth to go forwards and in doing so pulled the girth straps forward then of course the saddle, so then entered my shaped girth for dressage and longer shaped girth to be used for other disciplines, hey presto, happy horses, happy riders and happy me! ”

Katie with Sam Jamieson Shaped Girth

“Anyone that knows Katie has known what an opinionated mare she has been from day one. Having owned her from a three year old. We brought her unbroken. All the initial stages went well long reining, lunging, saddle bridle all no problem. However a rider on her back was a different matter. Whether she had been started badly we don’t know. She was always very sensitive she would plant and buck if she had a slight crease in her saddle cloth, her girth always had to be very loose and saddles she was very sensitive too.

. Girths have always been a real issue though she has a very forward girth groove. Doesn’t like them tight around her at all and feels restricted by them. Katie had shown a real flair for showing and on her day when everything was right was unstoppable. However, on a bad day she would give in the ring round her back and refuse to move at all.
Sam designed a girth to help horses with a forward girth groove, that gave room for their rib cage so they can breath and with comfortable butter soft leather.
The difference was incredible. No more swishing the tail, sitting behind the riders leg. No more curling her head and chewing the bit. Instead she was soft, light, up and looking through her bridle, soft and swinging through her back. The girth held the saddle securely in place but allowed Katie to relax and swing her shoulder and not feel restricted as she had done in the past. With the leather so soft and shaped nicely back from her elbows and no pinching I can honestly say the difference by a leather strap holding on a saddle on was quite incredible.

She had an amazing season. Getting through to every evening performance at Equifest and winning Supreme Horse at Equine Grassroots Championship and Reserve Supreme of show even showing a gallop which she has always been reluctant to do.
” – Sharon

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