Maintaining your saddle

If you look after your saddle it will give you many years of excellent service, if properly cared for.

  • Your saddle should be regularly cleaned.
  • Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt.
  • Apply your leather cream especially in high wear areas, such as the top of the saddle flap where the stirrup leathers will rub.
  • Protect your saddle from extremes of temperature.  If it gets wet – allow your saddle to dry naturally at room temperature and then feed with cream as necessary.
  • Occasionally feed the hide on your saddle with a good quality leather conditioner to preserve and maintain the softness and suppleness of the leather.
  • We do not recommend the use of oil on your saddle.
  • Ensure your saddle is stored on a saddle pole rather than a conventional rack so there is no imprint into the saddle panels.
  • Tighten the girth up one hole at a time on each side alternately until tight enough to mount.
  • Check that your stirrup leathers are equal before putting them onto the saddle.
  • Avoid mounting from the ground, besides being harsh to your horse’s back, mounting from the ground can also twist the saddle tree over time.
  • Once bedded in the flocking will adjust itself as your horse’s back changes shape over time. Because of this moulding process, it is not recommended that you share your saddle between horses, even if of similar shape – No two backs are the same shape and you will compromise the fit.

Saddle panel maintenence –  Wool panels are filled with wool and are stuffed to a medium consistency in order to mould gently to the horses back.  Wool panels should be checked at least twice per year.  If you have a saddle with new wool flocking, it should be evaluated after the first 20 hours of riding as the wool settles to your horses shape.

Please note: All wool flocked saddles should be completely reflocked after 2 to 3 years of use. Should your saddle need adjusting the flocking can be altered and/or replaced, please speak with your Saddle Fitter regarding this.

Treating your saddle in this manner will give you years of excellent service and will also help it retain value!

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