Is there more to it than just sitting on a horses back?

Absolutely there is, horses certainly keep you humble and it’s a wonderful journey, although we do need to watch we don’t over complicate things 😉

It is such a journey with your equine friend, yes it has its ups and downs but the rewards are immense.

  • Are you interested in improving your sitting trot?
  • Want to know how to get your horse more responsive?
  • Are you ready for you and your horse to improve?

If questions like these intrigue you, you have certainly come to the right place.  There are various pages through the website that give you an insight.  But that is just part of the story…

Now get your riding where you want it to be …

Whether you want to learn and enjoy more classical lines, competition or to improve your flatwork I’m here for you.

“Really enjoying working with someone who explains why certain exercises are helpful. Have gained such a lot of knowledge already and come away each week with exercises to focus on to improve my horse and my riding. Thank you, Sam!” – Karen Barker, Lincolnshire.

Would you like to improve your riding, get higher marks in your dressage test?

“Of course you would and that’s why I have a foolproof plan to help you.”

Do you ever worry you are not in balance with your horse?

“In that case, you may be very interested in what I have to say next”

Even top riders are continually working on their balance and posture alongside their horses.  It improves performance, physiology and mental health for both of you.

Learn various exercises quickly and easily, you and your horse will be delighted!

Working Equitation

Working Equitation is a competition that has 3 phases, first a Dressage test, second is the Style section around an obstacle course showing elegance and harmony and the third is speed section around an obstacle course, you guessed it, timed!  Its great fun!

Learn working Equitation skills and have fun with your horse enhancing your flatwork sessions by including Working Equitation techniques making your flatwork sessions even more variable.

Experienced horse rider or beginner, whatever level you’re at it’s always helpful to have an extra pair of eyes on the ground to guide you. Realistic, flexible training at a range of levels, completely tailored to you and your horse.

This is Ben, one of my former riding school horses being schooled by me with Working Equitation techniques.

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