Our Story…..

My Story

I have been an animal lover all my life, owning an array of pets and have been with horses ever since I was 4yrs old. I had my own pony when I was 11yrs old who was one of my great teachers.  I worked with dogs from a young age but left school to work with horses gaining experience of working with all types of equines from foals to competition stallions, switched off so-called lazy horses to sensitive hot blood iberians. I gained my BHS AI when I was 20 then became a BHS SM at 22.  Working at riding schools, competition yards, holiday centres, a stud, hunt yard and mounted security yard to name a few gave me a thorough foundation in the equine industry working with and for some lovely people, horses and ponies, both in the UK and USA.

2014 until now!

I stopped riding in 2014 to concentrate further on my saddle business I continued to work together with Cardanel Saddles, Ideal Saddles and Steedsman Saddles.  I had been designing other products which I launched later too.

Working together with Tackaholics enabled us to expand our joint collection of second hand saddles for our customers.  I built up further relationships with saddle manufacturers adding Jeffries, GFS, Silhouette and Fylde to the ranges of new saddles available.

I continued my saddle fitting training with Kay Humphries in Remedial Saddle Fitting for a year.  After this with Dr Gerry Van Oossanen for Master Saddle Fitting Consultant training including bridle fitting in France.  In 2016 I trained with Master Saddler and SMS Fellow, Laurence Pearman in saddle reflocking, top up and adjustments as a refresher.

In 2017 I continued my equine bodywork training with the Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Course.  In March 2017 I trained again with Laurence in saddle repair and flocking for exam preparation and on 24th March 2017 passed the Society of Master Saddlers assessment in Saddle Flocking and Flocking adjustment examined by SMS Fellow, Mark Romain of the Saddlery Training Centre.


In the blink of an eye

It doesn’t seem that long ago really; but starting riding at the local riding school was a dream come true at 4yrs old, dare I say in 1976, eek, it’s scary when you say it out loud!!

It all came to a stop though when Mum said “the jumps were getting to high!” and stopped me going; well… not for long, as who could stand a now 6yr old sounding like a broken record and yes it did the trick, I was back in the saddle at 7yrs; even if I wasn’t riding ponies I would leap at the chance of anything else.

At the grand old age of 11yrs I had a 13.1hh welsh x thoroughbred pony, Kirby Kane Helmsman, or Pel to his friends.  Little did I know that he was going to be a very important teacher and very close friend.  I had him on loan to begin with and boy I had no idea of the roller coaster of emotions I was going to go through.

Everyone tried to put Mum and Dad off buying Pel for me, even saying “he’ll kill her” but thankfully they did anyway.  Let’s just say that Pel wasn’t the easiest of ponies, definitely not a first pony! He napped, reared, wouldn’t load, pawed the ground, kicked out when excited, leapt through the air at times, what a journey I was going to endure.  But, we carried on regardless.  I went through frustration, anger, upset, happiness, excitement you name it Pel taught me them all!

Kirby Cane Helmsman - PelPel and I began to build a true partnership, I would spend as much time with him as I could, just being with him in our back garden which then became his paddock and the old greyhound shed at the bottom of the garden that in my earlier years I pretended was a riding stables, with some alterations became Pels stable.Mum will tell you; she never even had to mention to me about looking after Pel, I would get up in the morning and muck him out, get home from school and go straight out to be with him, caring for him without question.  We played games together I would pounce at him and chase him, then I would turn the other way and run, he would come after me and we would swap again.  There was a tall hedge that separated his now paddock, I would run through a gap with Pel cantering after me, he flew straight over the top then I would whip round and run back through again; there he would be jumping back over the hedge after me.

Dad, Porty and Pel

Pel really became part of the family with us all.  Here in the photo to the right is my Dad, Porty our dog back then and Pel just chilling out in the back garden in the sun.

Holding up traffic whilst Pel was on his hind legs napping became less and less.  To Mum’s horror I taught Pel to rear on command in his lungeing sessions, her words were “He’s not a circus pony!”  Loading problems became a thing of the past and we even helped other horses load.

We went out showjumping regularly, to pony club and hunter trials, having so much fun together, truly great times.  There is more to tell but that’s another story!

Sam and Pel Jumping


Ten years in a flash

I live with my Husband, Ash and Daughter, Emily with well, lets just say a few animals too.  I have a real hunger for learning and enjoy the journey that horses give you.  I have an extensive classical and competition background and I love nothing better than to pass on my knowledge to other riders and horses.

Between 2004 and 2010, I ran my own riding school and livery yard at Meadowbrook Stables. I now travel out Teaching and Saddle Fitting as well as clients coming to me.

Over the years I have become Accredited by Heather Moffett as a Level 3 Enlightened Equitation Teacher.  I am Certified as a Saddle Fitter, Bridle and Leatherworker.  Furthering my training as a Remedial and Master Saddle Fitting Consultant alongside Straightness Training Mastery and Equine Therapy. I have also released my own brand; Sam Jamieson Saddles.

I studied with Debbie Marsden BSc PhD at Warwickshire College and qualified as a Professional Equine Behaviour Consultant.. “It has been hard work, yet very rewarding learning so much and very exciting as it compliments all I do.”

I was Team Manager/Trainer and joint Chairperson which also included judging dressage, showjumping and arena eventing for Wisbech and District Riding Club.

I find it very rewarding in helping horses and their owners plus train and ride myself to Advanced level and am competing in British Dressage at Advanced Medium and a British Dressage Trainee Judge.

I trained with classical trainer Marcia Wakeman (GB working Equitation Team Member) for 3 years with 5 different horses up to Advanced plus Working Equitation training. Marcia also furthered my training in long lining and inhand work.

These skills helped me training horses ten fold and also combining this with clicker training gave me a further dimension in training horses.

I took a short break away in Portugal to train with Bruno Rodrigues da Silva (Portuguese Working Equitation Champion) to ride their Lusitano Schoolmasters this gave me further things to think about and develop.

Sadly I was not able to travel with my horses to Marcia once my daughter Emily started school and so travelled fortnightly to Turville Valley Stud to ride their Lusitano Schoolmasters. I then attended various clinics including with Bruno Rodrigues Da Silva, Rodrigo Da Costa Matos and Heather Moffett on my own horses.

In addition to my existing equestrian skills I began saddle fitting in 2005 . Training with Heather Moffett and former saddle fitter for Kay Humphries, Jill Shephard gave me further skills including knowledge of treeless saddles.

I later trained with Dave Johnson, Owner of The Saddle Company in saddle fitting and flocking including serge panels and became an approved Fitter and invested time into furthering my knowledge through additional saddlery studies.

I attended the Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitting intro course, sold various brands of saddles and began designing my own brand of saddles. I then went to the Cumbria School of Saddlery and trained with Master Saddler David May in Saddle Fitting, Saddle Flocking, Saddlery Repairs and Bridlework 1 and 2. I also attended training in Saddle Fitting with Master Saddler Laura Dempsey.

I trained with Luis Principe (International Grand Prix Dressage Rider) for 2 years, then in 2010 I made an enormous business decision and decided to close my riding school.

This enabled me to travel out teaching and saddle fitting to my clients and their own horses, or them coming to me and being available for clinics or intensive training days.

At the end of 2011 Luis was struggling to run clinics due to his busy competition schedule and I continued my training with Alison Woulds, Jill Day and later Dan Greenwood.

2013 was the launch of my own brand of saddle ‘The Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage Saddle’, working together with Cardanel Saddles.  This has been a fantastic journey and enabled me to meet lots more fantastic horses and people up and down the UK.

A huge contribution to my saddle fitting business was becoming friends with Hayley and Claire at Tackaholics which is a second hand store for equestrians.  We combined our second hand saddles stock together to be able to sell from the store or I load my van with saddles to take to saddle fitting appointments.


“My Team plays a vital role in the development of not only my saddles and training techniques but also my own personal development.”
Sam Jamieson
Sam JamiesonPropiertor
I have been with horses ever since I was 4, gaining experience of working with all types of equines from foals to competition stallions.
DottieHead of Barketing
Good eye for detail and judge of character, takes pride in her work.
DennisTravel Technician
Alpaca the van!
HollyHead of Bales
My irish mare with a huge sense of humour, really luuurves her food and enjoys showing off doing spanish walk!
My lusitano mare, who can be a sharp, sensitive lady, with a very sincere soul.
Fish (Westhills Far East)
Fish (Westhills Far East)
My warmblood cross mare who is the snob of the yard, but a real sweetie at heart.
Emily’s welsh cross gelding, very cheeky on the outside but always wants to get it right.
BenOur previous star.
Proving that Cob’s really can!
Our irish draught x gelding, loveable boy who tried hard and loved cuddles. Sadly no longer with us.