Equine Behaviour

Equine Behaviour We can often take our horses behaviour for granted unless of course it starts to become a problem which can then become intimidating or even frightening. Some behaviour issues can be resolved by small changes in management, others need time and retraining. Every case is individual. Quite often what we do and including traditional methods [...]


Your horses back anatomy

Horses Back Anatomy Where you place the saddle is on layers of living tissue, attached to spinal processes and muscles surrounded by fascia, each cell is nourished through circulation and innervated with electrical impulses from nerves within the spinal column. The collection of these can all be damaged by pressure which is extremely important to consider when it comes down to [...]


Chain of Muscles

Your horses Chain of muscles The muscles of the back and abdomen work together giving protection to the spine, allowing it to lift and flex, creating motion.  For the horse to flex its back it must contract his abdominal muscles and relaxing the muscles will allow the horse to lengthen its back. When the rectus abdominus muscle contracts this [...]


Concussion Forces

Concussion forces The muscles of the horses back disperse the forces of concussion from the horse’s motion.  The horse’s foot lands with its heel first, think of it like a landing airplane, then it transfers to the front portion.  This appears to be the most efficient function of the loaded foot as it is two phase to assist with [...]



The fascia Is like a layer of cling film connecting all of the locomotion throughout the body and works in harmony with the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skeleton.  Therefore if the fascia is snagged by an out of balance or incorrectly fitting saddle this can have a huge detrimental effect to the whole system. The saddles position is on [...]


Saddle Making – Sam Jamieson Saddles

Saddle Making All saddles are produced exclusively by highly skilled Saddlers, to ensure your saddle is second to none in both quality and style. The first process is using the template measurements and details provided by your Saddle Fitter, a plan is drawn up and your saddle is scheduled for work. The type of tree for your [...]


Rider Anatomy

Riders Anatomy Cartilage Connective tissue that supports soft tissues, provides a smooth and gliding surface for joints and assists the growth and development of bones. Bone Connective living tissue that is calcified.  Provides protection to vital organs, supports the bodies structure, acts as levers whilst combined with muscles creating movement and contains blood producing cells. Joints There are two types, Synovial , [...]