Project Description

Saddle Making

All saddles are produced exclusively by highly skilled Saddlers, to ensure your saddle is second to none in both quality and style.

The first process is using the template measurements and details provided by your Saddle Fitter, a plan is drawn up and your saddle is scheduled for work.

The type of tree for your horse’s conformation, width and further data provided by your Saddle Fitter is selected. All the Saddles are made on spring (flexible) trees. These are much more flexible than rigid trees. They are ‘individually handmade’ to the highest safety and manufacturing standards.

The fixings are then securely attached to the tree including the gullet plate and the stirrup bars. The webbing and comfy cushioning are then cut, shaped giving you your comfortable seat and then secured to the tree.

The leather pattern for the seat is then cut out and secured by hand over the seat of the saddle from pommel to cantle to ensure a perfect fit. This is then removed and stitched with the other patterns pieces that are cut out from the patterns for your saddle and then securely attached to your tree.

The bottom panel patterns of the saddle are then cut out and stitched together making the underneath of your saddle. Then the front of the panels are carefully filled with flocking. The saddle panel is then attached to the tree by hand, stitching carefully, your saddle is now as one.

Additional flocking is then added into the panels ensuring a comfortable fit for your horse but leaving enough room for adjustment when your Saddle Fitter assesses the saddles balance for your horse.

The tree being made individually for your horse is similar to your horse’s skeleton and the panels similar to muscles over the skeleton which can be altered/rebalanced at any time by the flocking. This all assists with the natural flow of your horse and therefore works with your horse not against it.

Written by Sam Jamieson © 2015