Project Description

The fascia

Is like a layer of cling film connecting all of the locomotion throughout the body and works in harmony with the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skeleton.  Therefore if the fascia is snagged by an out of balance or incorrectly fitting saddle this can have a huge detrimental effect to the whole system.

The saddles position is on the latissimus dorsi muscle which stems from the supraspinous ligament and thorocolumbar fascia and feeds into two muscles on the inside of the shoulder.

There is then a link via the elbow to the long digital flexor muscles and tendons.

The thoracolumber fascia travels over the hindquarters which is then called the gluteal fascia, this is where the superficial gluteal, biceps femoris and semitendinosus muscles originate.  These muscles insert on the fascia that surrounds the stifle joint.  The ligaments of the patella attach to this fascia which is linked down to the muscles and tendons of the hind leg.