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Dressage test riding tips

1. Learn your test really well.

2. Be careful riding your test at home as your horse may learn it quicker than you and on the day will anticipate.

3. Don’t start to teach your horse new things in your warm up.

4. Ensure you have worked on your walk on a long rein at home as this gains you double marks.

5. Sounds simple but look where you are going.

6. Always practice turning up the centre line from both reins.

7. Ride into your corners, this gives both you and your horse more time to think and prepare, especially when changing the rein across the diagonal.

8. When riding a circle think of it as a twenty or fifty pence piece.

9. Prepare all transitions so your horse will respond.

10. Ride your test accurately.

11. If a transition is at a maker you are expected to perform it as your body passes by the marker.

12. If a transition is between makers don’t leave it until the last second to ask for the transition.

13. Maintain a good rhythm, the judge will mark you higher for this rather than you being pre-occupied with trying to improve your horses outline.

14. Always smile at the judge when you start and finish.

15. Always remember to breathe even pretend to yawn if you are feeling extra nervous this helps relax your whole body, but perhaps don’t do it right in front of the judge!