The truth is;

Struggling on the ground with your horse can seriously impact ridden work. The way to look at it is, whether you are on the ground or on your horses back the same discussions will be going on between you in your small herd of just the two of you.

It’s all possible

You don’t have to be an expert just have a go at the different techniques, it’s like an adventure, finding out new things or perfecting what you already do. Here are some things that you can learn.

  • Ground handling
  • Lateral Work In-Hand
  • Long Lining
  • Lungeing
  • Free Schooling/Liberty

Different techniques give you such a variation to increase motivation, fun, physical health, creating a close relationship between you and your horse.

So why not give it a go!

Work In-Hand

Finally, there’s a better way …

Have you been struggling with lateral work

Training your horse laterally In-Hand can make things so much simpler and gives you and your horse further variation. Your horse will also find it much easier to pick up lateral work without the weight of the rider. The skill of In Hand work has actually been around for 100’s of years but has got lost upon the way but it is truly so so valuable.

How you can improve your horses manners!

Picture the scene you tie your horse up and he nudges you out the way with his nose, you then try and push him over and he leans into you pushing you back with his shoulder, sound familiar!

Have you ever wished you could curb this behaviour? Now you can, with lateral work In Hand it improves your body awareness including the body language you are giving your horse. You are also teaching your horse to move away from pressure when you ask. You learn the way you position your body actually moves them without even touching them.

Jo was having an awful time with George, he would push everyone out the way and had also been known to kick out and got Jo on more than one occasion! George wasn’t small either, a 15.3hh irish draught cross. So then began Jo and George’s journey into lateral work in hand. After a few sessions an understanding between them both began to happen. It was now a pleasure to lead George rather than the dread of being barged out the way, or George trampling her. Even their time riding was much better that the understanding was now there. They were both so much happier.

And that’s not all …

Work in hand with you mounted, is priceless knowledge you gain improving your relationship with your horse even further, developing your feel for the movements correctly.

You owe it to you and your horse; book a session now at

Long Lining

Its no secret that …

Long Lining is fantastic to start youngsters, but why stop there! You can lunge with 2 lines too as Archie demonstrates in the video below.

So why not give it a go

  • Learn how to correctly start a youngster or new horse with Long Lining.
  • Learn the correct basics, body posture, aids, Long Lining your horse in walk.
  • Learn correct lunging with two lines, changing the rein and trot.
  • Learn how to correctly work your horse in walk, trot and canter.
  • Learn how to correctly introduce lateral work.
  • Learn correct techniques for lateral work in walk and trot.

It’s all possible when you book your appointment at:


With lungeing you use various aids including your voice, the lunge rope, and your body language. Lungeing gives you the ability to watch your horse from the ground, assess how your horse is moving and carrying itself.

Lungeing is very valuable if you’re horse is quite exuberant that you can allow them to express themselves without having an effect if you were riding it is a useful form of exercise if you aren’t able to ride for any reason.

Free Schooling

Also known as many other names. Exercising your horse with freedom assisting them to learn and understand their body. Especially valuable for jumping without the added weight of the rider allowing them to really work it out for themselves. Plus fantastic for bonding and further communication.

Gain the knowledge and skill, creating a balanced partnership with your horse. Engaging experiences keeping your focus to consistently accomplish your goals.

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